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marloth park - mpumalanga - south africa

Marloth Park – Mpumalanga – South Africa

Marloth Park is a Holiday Town, situated in North-Eastern South Africa in Mpumalanga Province.


Marloth Park is situated on the banks of the Crocodile River that forms the southern border of the Kruger National Park, between Malelane and Komatipoort on the N4 national highway. It is a wildlife sanctuary and Holiday Town on 3,000ha.

It boasts four of the “Big Five” with the exception of Elephant, as well as other game are confined to Marloth's game reserve called "Lionspruit" (1,500ha)

Game such as Kudu, Zebra, Giraffe, Blue wildebeest, Nyala, Impala, Warthog, Ostrich and others small game aren't restricted by fences and roam freely inside Marloth Park. We also have a rich and abundant bird life.


The Kruger Park entrances, Crocodile Bridge Gate (20 km) and Malelane Gate (45 km), can easily be reached.


Marloth Park is a stopover point for tourists travelling to the Kruger National Park, Mozambique and Swaziland. It also provides the opportunity for tourists to stay outside the Kruger National Park and visit the park as day visitors.


Marloth Park is a unique project. It opened in 1972 as a holiday township, though a large part of the park remained natural. The infrastructure is well developed. There are no internal fences and the vegetation remains in its original state. Marloth Park is separated from Kruger National Park by a boundary fence and the Crocodile River for +16 km. From time to time you could even bear witness to a catch by Lions, Leopards, Wild-dogs and Hyenas.  Let’s not forget the majestic Elephants that come down during the day to bathe in the river.


Inside Marloth Park, the freedom of movement is remarkable. Tourists can ride a bicycle, jog or go for a walk on their own through the African bush. They can also drive around in their own high clearing vehicle. After sunset until sunrise, movement is confined to the housing units. While out walking along the Crocodile River, visitors can watch spectacular wildlife scenes in the adjacent Kruger National Park.


The Kruger National Park with the famous Big 5 and a variety of other animals with an abundant Bird Life, is an absolute must to visit. Be sure not to miss the smaller species of our amazing wildlife such as tortoises, lizards, plants, etc.

All rules and regulations of Marloth Park need to be fully complied with: 

  • The owners take no responsibility for any injuries or losses.  The owners cannot be held liable for any accidents or any other liability.  Guests use all amenities at own risk. ·       

  • Kindly obey the Marloth Park Conservation Rules and Regulations. ·        

  • Speed limit may not exceed: 50 km/h on tar roads & 30 km/h on gravel roads. ·        

  • NO PETS ALLOWED. ·        

  • NO LITTERING. Plastic can cost the lives of our wildlife! ·        

  • No open fires, except at the braai areas on the premises. Fires must be doused before leaving and never be left unattended.       

  • Treat all animals as wild animals, always keep a distance of at least 3 to 5 meters. ·        

  • No walking after sunset and before sunrise as we do have predators that roam the area occasionally.  During the day, you are allowed to drive around with your own vehicle, mountain bike, walk or run. ·        

  • No spotlights allowed on game drives. ·        

  • No smoking indoors. ·        

  • Please put all garbage in the containers provided. ·        

  • No shouting, loud music or any other kind of noise pollution. Please be considerate towards fellow guests as well as our wildlife. ·        

  • After 9pm, we have a ‘zero loud noise’ policy in the park. ·        

  • Please switch off the spotlights at the braai area before retiring for the night. ·        

  • Please save Water and Electricity, as per Marloth Park rules and regulations.  This is not just for us, but a benefit to our environment as well. ·        

  • No glass close to the Splash Pool. ·        

  • All toilets are French Drains, please do not dispose of any foreign objects. ·        

  • Keep the chalets closed and locked when going out. ·        

  • This is a malaria area, kindly keep this in mind. ·         

  • Even though staff are available to help clean up, please try to keep the place tidy and neat. 

  • You are allowed to make use of the picnic spot if it is available. ·        

  • Park only in designated areas. ·        

  • Please remember to hand back your keys before departure and collect your deposit.


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